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Its all about Connections

Connect with Yourself

We provide weekend Retreats for women to get away and find themselves again – in order to regain balance and restore themselves through relaxation, rejuvenation and fun. Through self-care and wellness you will nurture your mind, body & spirit. Wilderness Retreats are a sojourn in nature for those seeking depth and clarity about life purpose and meaning.

Connect with Nature

We provide trips that allow for a safe and supported immersion into the natural surroundings whether at the beach, on a mountain top, or beside a babbling brook. Whether backpacking, snowshoeing, hiking or just finding solitude outdoors, our activities allow for a sensory awareness that reveals our deep connection to natural world.

Incorporating mindful practices with lighthearted play allows for hearts to open with appreciation and love for the joy found in nature. Our activities, whether geared toward the body or the mind, are done at your own pace, according to your own inner wisdom. You only need to contribute an open heart and a playful attitude.

Connect with Other Women

You will share your experience in an energized and supportive environment with like-minded women. The camaraderie that forms as you experience growth and empowerment through Nature reinforce that we are all one. Our programs embrace open sharing and celebrate the unique needs of women to form strong bonds and create community.

Come out and join us!


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